Have You Ever Mistakenly Added the Wrong Fuel to Your Car?

Putting the wrong fuel in your car is never a good idea, but sometimes mistakes happen. Hundreds of thousands of drivers fill up with the wrong fuel each year. Stats say that men do it more often than women and cops do it most frequently.

If you put diesel in a gas car there's a high chance that it won't even start, that's because diesel has a higher flash point which makes it harder to ignite. Once you realize that you've filled up with the wrong fuel, stop driving immediately and get your car to a service center so they can drain the tank and fuel lines, fuel rails and injectors.

Expect the cost of repairs to increase if you put gas in a diesel car. Gas in a diesel car causes damage to the fuel-injector pump but diesel is not only a fuel but it's also a lubricant. This will also make your car misfire and knock which require the need for certain engine parts to repaired, rebuilt or replaced, and that is costly.

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