Slowing Down: Get Familiar With Move Over Laws

The next time you approach emergency workers in progress while behind the wheel, consider how much you know about Move Over laws. Every year, about 200 people lose their lives after being hit by a vehicle that did not adhere to the law. Slowing down whenever a vehicle is flashing lights, or when roadside work is being performed, is mandatory nationwide.

Police issue traffic citations for people that do not reduce their speed when passing such obstacles. To avoid this, you should always apply brakes at the sight of hazardous lights flashing and road work maintenance. Check your mirrors to be sure that other vehicles do not attempt to speedily drive past you, then proceed to move into another lane.

At Wissler Motors, we strive to raise awareness for Move Over laws. With a better understanding of the law, fewer accidents will occur, making everyone’s driving more pleasant under any conditions. Help us spread the word!

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