What to do for Your Next Road Trip

Expect the unexpected is a good phrase to live by when preparing for your next road trip. When you properly prepare for the things that could go wrong you lessen some of the worry associated with long distance driving. We've compiled a list of important things we think will help you along the way and make your road trip go as smooth as possible:

  • You should plan on packing a toolbox with some basic tools such as a hammer, screwdriver, wire cutters, and pliers.
  • Pack a couple of flashlights with brand new batteries. These will come in handy if you happen to break down at night and you need to make minor repairs.
  • Check your spare tire to make sure it has the proper tread and air pressure. You should also bring a few cans of tire inflator in case you get a flat.
  • Pack a roll of duct tape. This is good for repairing hoses and making other small repairs.
  • Pack a few road flares in case you need to alert other drivers to your disabled vehicle.

Schedule an appointment with our service center for a pre-road trip checkup for your vehicle!

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