4 Tips To Improve Fuel Your Economy

Better fuel economy? How? I don't drive a hybrid. Doesn't matter. These four easy tip can help anyone boost their fuel economy no matter what type of vehicle they drive.

  • 1. Get your oil changed. Regular oil and filter changes not only keep your car running smoothly but will boost fuel economy. When the moving pieces in your engine can run more efficiently less gas will be used.
  • 2. Remove excess weight. It is no longer winter and if you don't need that ski rack or Thule box on your car consider taking it off. Making your car as light as possible requires less fuel than a full car that is weighted down. Also, your Thule is creating drag making your car less aerodynamic meaning your car has to work harder to counteract the resistance.
  • 3. Cruise control. It may seem really obvious but using cruise control as much as possible can significantly improve your fuel economy.
  • 4. Don't Speed. As hard as it can be sometimes, speeding is killing your fuel economy. If you drive 65 mph vs 75 you are saving 15% more fuel. As well as not in danger of getting a speeding ticket.
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