A Few of the Vehicle Fluids You Need to Check

One of the easiest and most important ways to maintain your vehicle is by checking fluid levels. Wissler Motors recommends you to examine your car’s fluids at least once in a month to ensure that they are clean and at the right level. Some of the fluids that you ought to check include:

  • Coolant. When checking the coolant; your engine should be off. The coolant tank has minimum and maximum markings that will help you tell whether the fluid is low or not.
  • Transmission fluid. Most brand new cars come with a transmission dipstick. In the event, you don’t have the dipstick you may bring it to Wissler Motors to check the fluid level. The process of checking the transmission fluid is similar to that of engine oil. Looking at the condition of transmission fluid is necessary. The transmission fluid should typically be pink, red or light brown.
  • Engine oil. You should change the oil in every 5,000 miles. If the oil is low or looks dirty, it should be changed.

Every fluid is different and time for replacing may vary based on the make of your car. You may consult Wissler Motors in Mount Joy for further advice on fluid service needs.

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