What to Do At the End of a Lease Period

A lease contract on a vehicle will eventually expire. It is up to the driver to find out what options are available as they proceed to move past their current contract. There are several possibilities that are in place to appease the lessee, and our finance experts at Wissler Motors are here to clarify them for our local customers!

If the customer is done with the vehicle at the end of the contract, they can simply turn in the keys and walk away from the situation. Usually, this person will want another car. Exiting one lease agreement and entering into another is a very simple process. The driver can simply turn in the car that they previously leased and lease a new vehicle on the spot. Customers also have the option to extend the current arrangement. This works best when they are comfortable with the car and comfortable with the contract. It is also possible for the driver to purchase the car that they have been leasing.

If your lease is coming to an end and you have questions about what to do next, please stop by our showroom at 1205 W Main St. The team is ready to assist anyone in Mount Joy with their current contract arrangement!

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