Make Your Life Easier with These Car Hacks

Owning and operating a car comes with its own special set of problems. There are some things your mechanic can fix, but others are things you have to figure out on your own. Use these hacks to solve some of the everyday issues you run into as a car owner.

  1. Use a shoe or shower organizer to hold items such as tissues and games for the kids. Just hang on the back of the seat.
  2. Use a shower caddy to organize oil and other fluids for your car.
  3. You can boost the range of your car's key fob by holding it to your head, right under your chin. This comes in handy if you forget where you park.
  4. If you get stuck in the mud or snow use your car's floor mats as traction.
  5. Opening a box of dryer sheets will freshen the air. It lasts longer than regular car air fresheners and smells better.
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