Why Buy Pre-Owned instead of New?


You're on the hunt for your next vehicle around Mount Joy or the surrounding areas, and you've been thinking about a new car, but you've also been hearing that a used vehicle can be as good a choice. In fact, there are many advantages to buying used that make this decision even better than buying new for some customers in or around Harrisburg. Curious about why you might want to try buying used? Here are some of its main advantages:

You Could Save Thousands

Chances are if you're tasked with finding a new car, and you find the same model in both new and used condition, you'll save thousands of dollars by taking advantage of the depreciation that all new vehicles undergo after being driven off the lot for the first time. By purchasing a used vehicle around Lancaster, you stand to save a lot of money.

A Used Car Isn't Necessarily a Flawed Car

Buying a used car isn't the same as buying a new car. You don't benefit from the same warranty coverage or new-car smell. That being said, when you buy used from us instead of elsewhere near Elizabethtown PA, you can expect to find well-quality vehicles for which we provide a full CARFAX™ vehicle history report, to give you some degree of peace-of-mind.

CPO Is a Great Alternative to New

Still a bit dubious about a used car? It's for customers like you that we offer plenty of certified pre-owned vehicles! When you buy CPO, you'll still save over buying new, but you'll also enjoy some of the benefits of buying new, like warranty coverage.

Upgrade Your Wheels

Buy used, and you might just be able to afford a car you wouldn't dream of buying new. From a more well-optioned version of a particular model you like to moving up to a premium brand, buying used gives you lots of choice!

Contact Us Today

Like we've said, buying used isn't buying new. But it is a good choice for some buyers around York PA and Mount Joy. Think you might be one of them? Contact us online or give us a call at (888) 462-4873 today, and we will be happy to discuss the difference between buying new and used with you in greater detail!