Getting Ready for Winter at Wissler Motors in Mount Joy

Pennsylvania drivers know how crazy winters can get. Long mornings scraping ice off your windshield, sketchy roads, snowstorms that double your travel time, it can sometimes be a disaster. Here at Wissler Motors, we're used to the challenges winter brings, and we are ready to answer the call for our drivers. When winter strikes, we have your back at our dealership. We provide essential services to minimalize the damaging effect of winter year after year for Harrisburg and York drivers.

How do we Take Care of You this Winter?

We have outlined for your convenience a simple checklist of winter essentials to take care of before the heart of winter strikes. Follow this list including:

  1. Check Your Battery: Having to jumpstart a dead battery when it's cold out is a nightmare waiting to happen. Without your battery, you can't run your car and are limited regarding heating. We have available batteries if needed.
  2. Change Your Oil: Winter grime, salt, and road debris can accelerate the sludge in your engine. By changing your oil, you can mitigate some of the engine damage associated with winter conditions.
  3. Change Your Tires: We can help you equip new snow tires on your car. Traction is essential in the winter, as the roads get suspect at best. For the ultimate investment in your vehicle, make sure you get snow tires with deep treads to them.
  4. Replacing Your Fluids: You need a good dose of anti-freeze and wiper fluid to clean your windshield. Removing muck, salt, grime, and cutting through ice only enhances your safety. Don't start winter in low supply and replace your fluids at Wissler Motors.

We are here to help York and Lancaster's drivers beat the winter every year. Stop by for service and let us keep you safe and comfortable, leaving you nothing to worry about and just watching the clock for spring to arrive.

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