Don’t Waste Your Time with Aftermarket Parts

The price to get vehicle parts these days has gone through the roof. It doesn't make much sense going to a shop where the mechanic uses inferior parts that will just wear down in a year when you can get superior parts at the dealership.

The mechanics working here at Wissler Motors go through years of training and then have access to the best tools at this facility so they can make certain to fix the problem with your vehicle the first time and you are not stuck without a vehicle for longer than necessary. If you want to wait while your car is being worked on, we have a large waiting area that will allow you to sit in comfort until the car comes down from the lift and is ready to go.

The service technicians working here at our Mount Joy, PA service center are committed to selling you the right parts for your vehicle, so it runs flawlessly. Stop by and see for yourself at 1205 W Main Street!

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