Headlight Restoration for Appearance and Safety

Modern vehicle headlights made as a unit with a clear polycarbonic lens. Replacement headlight bulbs are normally inserted through the rear of the unit. They are stronger than the old glass headlights but are also prone to hazing over time. Hazing on the clear plastic has two undesirable effects. The headlight will take on a dingy, foggy look. The haze can also affect light efficiency. Periodic cleaning is recommended.

Some all-purpose rubbing or polishing compounds have been known to remove the haze. Use the compound like a paste wax by applying in a circular motion. Allow it to dry and wipe clean with a soft cloth. A sealer should be applied.

Restoration kits are available designed specifically for headlight cleaning. They are the safest method for the job.

For those unsure about the task, visit us at Wissler Motors to have them restored professionally by our trained technicians. While there, have our staff in Mount Joy, PA give your vehicle a thorough inspection to make sure it is in peak condition.

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