Get Rid of Tough Odors in Your Vehicle

If you have an odor in your vehicle that won't go away, there are a few DIY things you can do to help neutralize the odor and have a nice-smelling car again. You may have a spill or the smell of smoke that won't go away!

If you have a smoke smell in your vehicle, start by cleaning all of the interior surfaces of your car. Steam clean the seats and the carpeting. Add odor neutralizer to your seats and carpets once they are clean. Then, clean the surfaces with the appropriate cleaners and wash all of the glass with a vinegar-based solution.

When a spill causes the odor in your vehicle, you can use the same techniques as with a smoke odor, only focus on cleaning the area where the smell originates. After steam cleaning, consider using baking soda once the area dries as a neutralizer. Having your car serviced in Mount Joy, PA at Wissler Motors allows you to ask questions about stubborn odors and other car maintenance issues your vehicle may have.

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