How Blind Spot Monitors Save Lives

Are you looking for a new vehicle? At Wissler Motors in Mount Joy, PA, many of our consumers want vehicles that offer superior protection. Many new models come equipped with advanced safety features that include a Blind Spot Monitor.

Blind Spot Monitors will alert drivers when a vehicle enters their blind spot zones. With most Blind Spot Monitoring Systems, drivers will be warned that a vehicle has moved into their blind spot with a visual alert that will appear on the outside mirrors. Additionally, some Blind Spot Monitors also provide drivers with an audible alert when a vehicle is in their blind spot.

When your vehicle is equipped with a Blind Spot Monitor, it can significantly reduce the risk of a lane-change accident. The IIHS stated that Blind Spot Monitors can reduce the likelihood of lane-change accident injuries by 23% and lane-change collisions by 14%. According to the IIHS, the use of Blind Spot Monitors could have resulted in 85,000 fewer collisions and 55,000 fewer injuries in 2015.

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