The Importance of Keeping Your Radiator in Good Condition

While most drivers in Mount Joy, PA understand that their vehicle's radiator and cooling system is important, many fail to provide it with the proper care it needs. Regular service from professionals at Wissler Motors is crucial to keeping your car running smoothly and efficiently.

When your engine is on, it continually produces heat. Without a functioning cooling system, temperatures can rise to 2000 degrees or more. Extreme temperatures can lead to significant engine damage. The various components that make up the machinery are capable of melting, rendering your engine useless.

The cooling system works to prevent all of those issues. It all starts with the pump. The pump pushes coolant through the engine block and to the radiator. As the coolant flows through the engine, it absorbs heat. It then flows through hoses until it reaches the radiator, where heat is finally released into the air as you drive. All of these components need to be in good condition to ensure that your engine can operate smoothly.

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