Android Auto Overview

Google unveiled Android Auto in 2014 at their I/O. It was an amazing new development, and drivers had been asking for something that would connect their phones seamlessly to their vehicles. Ultimately, with Android Auto, drivers are now accessing voice-enabled controls that make it easier to drive without ever removing your hands from the steering wheel.

The main benefits of Android Auto are that you can instantly connect to apps like Spotify, YouTube, messaging, calling, Google Maps, Waze, weather, and more. If you want to use Google Maps as your navigation, you can now see your route right in the LCD screen in the center console. There are other safety features that you can now access through sensors that sync up with Android Auto.

See the difference when you drive with Android Auto. Want to see if Android Auto works for you? Test drive a new vehicle at Wissler Motors Inc located in Mount Joy, PA to see the latest technology.

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