Want fewer emissions and better fuel economy? The best type of oil is a full synthetic oil, but synthetic blends and mineral motor oil also work well. The main difference is cost. Full synthetic oil is more expensive, but it results in cleaner engines and fewer impurities. This can result in better gas mileage, which can help you save on costs overall.

Synthetic oil is more refined than conventional oil. It contains a base oil product with powder additives and a carrier oil. While all oil starts out the same, it becomes stronger with man-made additives. It means less friction and helps cars perform better in extreme weather, such as colder winter temperatures.

While there are different grades to oil, you shouldn't have to sacrifice your car's performance to save money. We offer the best oil products to our customers and want to help your car perform its best on the road. Stop by Wissler Motors located in Mount Joy, PA for the best oil change deals and fast service.

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