At Wissler Motors, we get that you want to be as aware as possible about how to maximize efficiency in your vehicle. When choosing tires for your car, it might be confusing to navigate the number of options on the market - between winter tires, summer tires, studded, un-studded, and every other choice on the market, how can you tell which is better?

Well, there's a common misconception about all-season tires. While they were designed to be useful on a variety of surfaces in a number of different weathers, they don't always perform as tires that are specifically designed for certain types of weather. Summer tires outperform all-season tires during rain and heat, due to a treated rubber that's designed to deal with both slick and hot surfaces. All-season tires are stiffer and trade a good trip for a long lifespan. While all-season tires are usable, summer tires are objectively better during warmer months.

To have any future tire questions answered, make sure to continue having your vehicle serviced here at Wissler Motors. Our sales representatives are always happy to help.

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