Keep Road Salt from Ruining Your Car

When it is snowy outside, road salt really helps keep the roads from getting slick. Unfortunately, road salt can damage your vehicle and cause it to rust. Wissler Motors in Mount Joy, PA knows that you want to take good care of your car, so here are a couple of tips to keep road salt from ruining your vehicle.

Always wash your car regularly in the winter season. It is best to wash your vehicle at least every ten days. Try to wash your vehicle when the temperature is over 40 to prevent freezing. If the water freezes on your vehicle, it hinders the salt from being rinsed off.

When the snow and ice melt after a storm, try not to drive through puddles and standing water. These areas contain a lot of road salt run-off. This salty water will get under your car, and it can quickly lead to corrosion and other damage.

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