From the time a new car leaves the lot, it begins to depreciate, which makes a car cover a worthy investment. Whether parked inside a garage, on a driveway, or along the street, car covers provide a wealth of protection for older or newer vehicles.

Car covers protect the vehicle from environmental hazards. Otherwise, the vehicle is subject to scratching, denting, or rusting when exposed to airborne objects, debris, dirt, mud, and moisture. Vehicle exteriors are also exposed to tree sap or bird droppings. Neighborhood squirrels or cats may also damage the paint.

Keeping the car covered additionally deters theft and vandalism. Would-be perpetrators prefer to hit and run. But a covered car is not as easily accessible. The covers are available in all sizes to accommodate all makes and models of vehicles. Consult with one of our Mount Joy, PA Wissler Motors technicians when needing vehicle maintenance of repairs.