Engine Cooling and Radiator Service is Important

Automobiles create a lot of heat, so the radiator and engine cooling system are vital parts of your engine. Without that cooling, your engine would overheat quickly when you are driving in Mount Joy, PA, causing you a host of problems. In fact, radiator overheating is one of the main causes of engine trouble. That's why it's important to keep this system in good shape.

You should get your cooling system serviced about every 30,000 miles, although this can vary a bit depending on your driving habits. This service usually involves inspecting the parts of the system to see if any need to be fixed or replaced. It also involves flushing the radiator to clean it out of anything that has built up.

Taking good care of your vehicle is important. When it's time for cooling system service, bring your car or truck into Wissler Motors for service from experienced professionals.

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