We have many vehicles in our inventory at Wissler Motors that offer a blind-spot monitor. It's a useful technology that was designed to enhance protection when you're out and about in Mount Joy, PA.

When a vehicle is equipped with a blind-spot monitor, it has radar sensors or sonar technology that detects when vehicles are moving into or in your blind spots. You're warned with a visual and/or audible alert. For instance, a visual icon may appear on the exterior mirrors when it senses that vehicles are in your blind spots, and some Blind Spot Monitors issue alerts when you activate the turn indicator.

A blind-spot monitor can significantly help prevent lane-change accidents. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that Blind Spot Detection Systems and Lane-Departure Warning Systems can help reduce one in four lane-change accidents with fatalities. Furthermore, a blind-spot monitor can help lessen injuries that are caused by lane-change accidents by 23 percent.